Untethered jailbreak of iOS 6.1 was actually expected Sunday, during the Super Bowl. But Evad3rs team showed that it will be available today, possibly  in the afternoon or early evening. The progress bar on the website evasi0n.com yesterday was a big part of the day at 85% and crawled during the night to the existing designation of 95%.

In a discussion on Reddit is attempted an algorithm for the displayed percentage figure out. The jailbreak is created by the newly constituted Evad3rs team, consisting  @pimskeks,@planetbeing@pod2g and @musclenerd. They have found a vulnerability which an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 possible. It is the first jailbreak iOS since June last year at the end of the summer became available.
Once the jailbreak is available, you will find a detailed explanation on iHelplounge. Those interested can now also been prepared by the many discussions and FAQ to read also our jailbreak forum. Please also read our announcement here about jailbreak news of a week ago.
If Evasi0n available, it is funny to again think back to the first iPhone jailbreak, which at that time was needed for the iPhone at all outside the U.S. to use. It took in 2007 no less than 74 steps to execute. The first jailbreak in September 2007 JailbreakMe 1.zero (AppSnapp) used to be designed for iPhone OS 1.1.1. and Apple iOS  at the moment. It contains steps by which part of the present could be off-hook in jailbreakers, comparable to:

34. Rename “chmod” within the iPhuc folder to “replace”.

35. In iPhuc, “putfile replace”, so that you’re changing /usr/sbin/replace

with chmod.

36. “cd /Machine/Library/LaunchDaemons/”

37. “getfile com.apple.replace.plist”

38. Open com.apple.replace.plist in a textual content editor

Proper after it says <string>/usr/sbin/replace</string> add:


39. Shop the file. Add the modified model with “putfilecom.apple.replace.plist”

forty. Additionally, “putfile au.asn.ucc.matt.dropbear.plist”

forty one. Reboot the iPod twice. The primary reboot must set the specified permissions. The 2nd will have to begin the ssh server (given that correct permissions are actually set). And shut iPhuc.

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