Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 for iPod touch 4G and iPhone 3GS with p0sixspwn


jailbreakApple released by late February 2014, the major security flaw and corrected by iOS 6.1.6. If you want to perform the jailbreak your iPod touch 4G and iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.1.6 , you can use Redsn0w tool , available under Windows and Mac OSX. It is a kind Untethered jailbreak .

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6.1.6

Before you begin

  • Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer
  • Download the latest version of Redsn0w to this address.
  • Launch Redsn0w . (If you use Windows 7 , We recommend you run Redsn0w in compatibility mode with Windows XP)

Step 1

Click Extras > Select IPSW and select firmware iOS 6.0 (not 6.1.6 ) for your device . Need to visit the center downloads.

Recognize your firmware. Click “OK” and return to the main menu.

Step 2: Click ” Jailbreak “, then click “Next”

Step 3: Select “Install Cydia ” and click “Next”

Step 4: Now you need to put your iDevice into DFU mode. The Dev Team says it is necessary to turn off , then back on his iDevice before placing it into DFU mode. I recommend you do so before any other manipulation. Once done , click “Next” in Redsn0w then put your iDevice into DFU mode , here’s how .

  • Hold the POWER button on your device for 3 seconds
  • Then hold the HOME button without releasing the POWER button for 10 seconds
  • Release the POWER button while still maintaining the HOME button until redsn0w react

 Step 5: You now have your jailbroken iDevice under iOS 6.1.6 . Cydia is not yet present on your Springboard , you must first perform a Boot Tethered using Redsn0w . Refer to the video for more details.

Step 6: Once the reboot is complete, Cydia should appear on your Sprignbaord and you can use it . It is for the moment a Tethered Jailbreak kind . Let’s see how to go further.

Step 7: To move a tethered jailbreak to untethered jailbreak type , you will simply need to go to Cydia and install the package named P0sixPwn .

Reboot your iPhone and iPod touch and it should be Jailbreak Untethered !

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