Upcoming Mophie Wireless Charging Case For iPhone X Is Certified By Qi



Mophie, a manufacturer of various accessories for the iPhone, has asked permission to the Wireless Power Consortium for the marketing of a new accessory called “Juice Pack Air for iPhone X”, wireless charging case which was seen on Mac Otakara (Google Translate).

This would be the first accessory for iPhone X Qi certified by the Wireless Power Consortium, a sign of perfect compatibility with the Apple smartphone. We are talking about a case that not only protects the device, but is also able to recharge it via the Qi wireless protocol. This means that at the bottom of the Juice Pack Air there is no Lightning connector, as it will be enough to insert the iPhone X in the case and activate the accessory through a special switch to start charging.

Juice Pack Air for iPhone X integrates a 1,720 mAh battery that will provide, according to the company, “an additional 9 hours of talk”. At the moment there are no details on the price.

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