Update 4.00 for PlayStation 4 brings many changes



Sony has released more details on its PlayStation Blog about the upcoming 4.00-update for the PlayStation 4. The update will include a new interface for the PlayStation 4, improved management through folders, a renewed context menu, and more.

The update for the PlayStation 4 is called given the code name Shingen and gamers who have signed up for the public beta program in the short term can expect an email with details how to install 4.00 update for PlayStation 4.

The first thing users will notice is the custom user interface, which has become more sophisticated and user-friendly according to Sony. The overall look remains the same, but there have been made many welcome changes and improvements. These changes have resulted in new background, a new “What’s New” tab, minor changes to the pop-up notifications and redesigned icons.


Another important change is the new Quick Menu, the menu that opens with the PlayStation button on your controller and gives you access to all sorts of options without returning to the home screen. The update ensures that the menu only covers a portion of the screen so you do not have to completely abandon the gameplay. The Quick menu displays the online status of your friends, access your party, favorites, groups, communities and more. Users can also personalize the menu by deleting items or adding.

The next change is the Share-menu, which will soon also covers only a part of the screen. It will automatically remember the last social network that you use to share your videos or screenshots, making sharing content with other others goes a lot faster. Videos shared on Twitter may soon long 140 seconds; the previous limit was only 10 seconds.


The PlayStation 4 is also possible to create folders so you might create a folder with your favorite games and apps for quick and easy access. There will also be PlayStation Store a tab with all the content you own, including games, applications, demos and so on. These changes should make it easier to find content. In addition, updated 4:00 is possible on the PlayStation 4 for offline viewing your trophy collection and profile page gets a new look for the important information immediately visible.

These are currently all the innovations in the PlayStation 4 Update 4:00 beta can be found and the final version will probably get even more features. In the coming weeks is expected more information, including a release date. The beta will start August and you have until then to register. The only information you need to enter is your PlayStation Network username.

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