Update as soon as possible to iOS 4.3.5


Apple launched earlier this week an update to iOS 4.3.5 was released, so as to close a vulnerability which hackers over a public network, your phone dunk. Security experts have now examined the leak and found it dangerous enough for users to call iOS 4.3.4 update as soon as possible. Log on websites like Paypal would be extremely risky, especially if you often use public networks.


This writes Chester Wisniewski, a security expert at Sophos Canada in a blog post . Sophos is a major Canadian software company that focuses on making antivirus and encryption programs.

This patch should immediately [your phone] used when logging in some Internet service whatsoever. Especially when logging in your bank or PayPal at very high risk.Users are especially vulnerable to attack as they often public and / or open Wi-Fi.

A security problem with the certificate check on wireless networks meant that malicious traffic from your phone could pick up. On July 25, Apple iOS 4.3.5 of this leak. This update install from your iPhone to iTunes and connect from there to look for an update.

The website Information Week cites the problem many times worse than Apple claims. The phone maker has announced that the update solves the leak, but has since gone out of his way to warn users of the severity of the leak.

iOS version 4.3.5  download.

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