Update on Blackra1n by GeoHot


GeoHot is ready to unlock his multi functional jailbreak answer, helps iPhone
Part, 3G and 3GS with OS three.1.2 out of field (OOB). Furthermore he additionally managed to jailbreak
entire iPod contact domestic together with the newest 3G iPod contact with three.1.2 OOB.
GeoHot tweeted the latest screenshot of blacra1n GUI, it’s nonetheless RC1 and we predict rain to be reside within the wild
in subsequent 24 hours. The lengthen is due to itunesmobiledevice exploits,  past
GeoHot tweeted that he managed itunesmobiledevice exploits. With this make the most he
was once in a position to ship the usb_control_msg. On this means it could actually keep watch over the conduct of
iTunes whilst you join the USB.

And his up to date tweet  withdraw what he mentioned within the earlier replace, or at
least is what partially as a result of now I will be able to keep in touch with the USB however then the communique is robotically interrupted.


 No doubt Blackra1n UI is very similar to purplera1n (3.0 jailbreak), but GeoHot promised that this utility is more stable than the
Purplera1n. In his most recent tweet he posted the screenshot of Blackra1n icon
on the iPod. In the following image you can see the icon of the tool that
replaces the old “Freeze” icon by purplera1n.



Unike the Dev team the Windows version of blackra1n will be available first and the Mac version later. last time the
Mac version of purplera1n was created by the Arix and we hope this time he’ll do
this again. iPhone unlockers or Ultrasn0w users
are highly advised to stay away from Blackra1n. If you want to preserve your
baseband then wait for the Dev team to release pwnage tool.

Many peoples are wondering will Blackra1n unlock their 3GS with 3.1 and
Baseband 05.11.08, GeoHot hasn’t revealed any details about if he is or he will
working on a unlock also. last time he released Purplesn0w but we haven’t any
clue if he is going to make sn0w again.

In short Blackra1n is just around the corner get ready your umbrella, and
remember it’s a jailbreak only.

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