After the release of Jailbreak for iOS 9 by the Pangu Team, Jay Freeman akaSaurik also updated the essential components of Cydia with support for iPhone OS 9, the Cydia Substrate and Cydia Installer.

The new version is 0.9.6000 and, as we read in its list of changes, “Cydia Substrate 0.9.6000 has made significant internal changes to be compatible with the latest iOS jailbreak 9 Pangu”. There is no point and say that he does not need, but lie, since there is a widespread problem that must be solved, do not know if by Pangu or by Saurik.

Cydia Installer and Cydia Substrate have been updated with support for iOS and 9 to Jailbreak Pangu to work best. Unlike then what happened a few times in the past, Cydia is ready to immediately support the new Jailbreak and the new iOS and will not require great future optimizations.



However, the speed with which it has responded to jailbreak Saurik Pangu makes us think that he knew he was going to launch a new tool. Most likely there will soon be a solution that allows us to use a jailbreak for the moment seems quite stable.

This is why the jailbreak has been released in this version, there are two possibilities: one possibility is that Pangu have wanted to be the first to launch the tool, which gives them prestige and money. The other option, as you well noted in many reviews, is that the latest beta of iOS 9.1 is not vulnerable to the tool they had prepared, so that it no longer makes sense to save for future jailbreak exploits.

Saurik has stated that it has made major changes to optimize the new Cydia Substrate version 0.9.6000 and have it fully operational by the Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 9. In addition to the changes to Cydia Substrate even Cydia Installer is optimized to provide immediate compatibility 9 and iOS with new Jailbreak.

Follow this link to jailbreaking iOS 9 on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch : How To Jailbreak iOS 9.0.2 Using Pangu 9

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