Since Facebook bought WhatsApp, it seems the company is focusing more on their interest in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. A time to be part of more and more new products received by the messaging application with a base of 900 million users, more than 1,000 million WhatsApp user.

Meanwhile WhatsApp only usually update your application to fix minor bugs, but leaving aside the policy of trust and abuse users of this leading platform in the messaging market, the Facebook Messenger app has just been updated by adding a new button that allows to access application on the home page faster.

Messenger has just been updated, renewing its interface by adding a plus of functionality where some of the icons at the bottom of the screen have been also adding a new button called “Home”, which allows access to the main Messenger reorganized.


It seems that recent changes in both Telegram, adding picture-in-picture function, as in iMessage with the arrival of iOS 10, which started to unnerve Facebook seeing other platforms are adding new features . This may be the first of the changes that are approaching the platform.

If you look at the features added gradually to Messenger, you will realize quickly that they that have been added in the latest updates, have been previously available in Telegram, which seems to have become the source of inspiration for Messenger, while the inspiration for Facebook is Periscope, after copying the live broadcast service which added to the platform months after the release of Periscope.

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