The Library of Congress has decided to publish the list of exemptions to the DMCA, in the course of conducting Jailbreak tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and other general-purpose computing devices is included. From now on, users who like to tinker much with their devices and modify their software and not be in violation of copyright law. Curious movement of US government in the middle of the controversy because Apple refuses to include backdoors for their devices that allow the government to spy on users without any control.

Jailbreak smartphones was legal since 2012, today has been renovated and added to the list a device that was not present before the tablets. If your Jailbroken iPad technically violating the copyright laws of the United States, but this has already been done, today is completely legal to jailbreak the devices referred, good news for digital freedom, although coming from United States something smells fishy. Now many more commonly used devices such as WiFi routers are susceptible to this type of hacking techniques, because to quote the great Chema Alonso (Microsoft MVP and one of the best computer security experts worldwide), not a hacker he is a thief or a criminal, they are curious people trying to find out more about the world of technology and what surrounds us.

Accordingly, based on the Register’s recommendation, the Librarian adopts the following exemption:

Computer programs that enable smartphones and portable all- purpose mobile computing devices to execute lawfully obtained software applications, where circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of enabling interoperability of such applications with computer programs on the smartphone or device, or to permit removal of software from the smartphone or device. For purposes of this exemption, a “portable all-purpose mobile computing device” is a device that is primarily designed to run a wide variety of programs rather than for consumption of a particular type of media content, is equipped with an operating system primarily designed for mobile use, and is intended to be carried or worn by an individual.

But we were not here, the Library of Congress has also approved the Jailbreak for intelligent vehicles, that if, always research purposes for the same security. This allows to use diagnostic tools other manufacturers to investigate possible errors. Perhaps with this method he had learned a bit before the fiasco of Volkswagen. For now, e-Readers, laptops and desktops remain outside of this legal framework and consoles, as these are closely linked to intellectual property.

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