U.S. iPhone users waited for a positive decision from the U.S. House of Representatives , which discussed the law on the legalization of ” unlocking ” of mobile devices. At the request of the official representatives of the U.S. administration, unlocking phones is legal again .


Validity of a number of amendments made by the U.S. government in the “Law on Copyright Protection in the Digital Age” (DMCA), expired on January 26, 2013 . From that day, iPhone bound to contracts with mobile operators when selling became illegal .

On February 27, U.S. House of Representatives passed a law that legalized again called Unlock, ie hacking the phone to eliminate binding to a particular mobile service provider. “Everyone in the right to dispose of his property as he sees fit and to choose the technology without penalty ” – quoted by Reuters declaration by members of the House of Representatives .

Earlier decision to legalize unlock supported the White House. ” We agree that the 114,000 users who believe that they are allowed to unlock their smartphones without breaking the law , absolutely right. Moreover, we believe that the same principle should apply to plates that are somewhat similar to “smart” phones ” – said in a government statement .

From Thursday ” unlock ” again became legal, but only for individual consumers . Law still prohibits ” wholesale unlock ” mobile devices. Initiative is designed to limit the activities of the companies that are buying massively contract phones , carry ” unlocked ” and sell the device under the guise of officially unlocked .

Unlock allows those who bought an iPhone with reference to providers of mobile communication , use your smartphone without any restrictions. In contract iPhone, for example, you can not change the sim card , which makes it impossible to use abroad. It was banned at the federal level, the efforts of the Library of Congress .

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