The choice does now not nullify the court cases, however the trial sooner than a jury .Apple and Motorola will convey the case prior to a federal decide , however it is going to require extra time and money. Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents considers that the parties would not judge until 2014.

This decision is very symbolic, because it points to the hypocrisy of companies that claim in the documents submitted to court that a violation is equivalent to an apocalyptic cataclysm, as they continue to function, to innovate and be profitable. Specifically, Mr. Posner said that neither Apple nor Motorola had established a “right to compensation.” This does not mean that there is no guilty parties, but that both parties have the right to request the amounts highlighted.

Judge Posner also helps avoid wasting time with a jury of people who do not necessarily advanced technical knowledge to properly assess the situation. It is a defect that appears to have tainted the trial between Google and Oracle. In overturning the jury and in excluding the procedure, it forces companies to pass a federal court composed of experts . Time and money to be invested should motivate them to find an amicable settlement, the most interesting for everyone.

As highlighted The Verge , a decision is quite exceptional and original, but Richard Posner is known to be unique.He is a judge prolific and most cited of all time. It marked the beginning its annoyance to the attitude of Apple and Motorola


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