Use Moto 360 Android Wear With iPhone Without Jailbreak



According to recent news, Google is currently working on Android Wear so make it compatible with iOS. Although the developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh had already announced this possibility in a video, Google still has not released this update as expected. There are several ways to pair an Android smartwatch Wear, such as Moto 360, thanks to hacks and Jailbreak: Wear Utility Android: Android Wear Now use a watch with your iPhone.

But another method was revealed on Youtube by Jeremy Judkins explains how to pair of Moto 360 with iOS. Simply download the “BLE Utility” application on the iPhone(from here) , install the application “Wear Connect” on the Moto 360 using an Android smartphone, and you can use it without problems. However, it still does not allow to receive calls but only notifications. The functions are restricted. In addition, you will not be able to take advantage of applications specifically designed for the Apple Watch. In short, it is enough primary!

If you have tried it, do not hesitate give us your impressions below.

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