Use your Android phone as a 3G modem without having to root


Whilst you're all the time on the go, this isn’t all the time straightforward to seek out just right WiFi networks. And squatter than the McDonalds' or the native Starbucks (whereas taking thirty kilos by way of the best way) , the one answer that is still is to decide on a key and a subscription to 3G. With the exception of that it’s dear and that everybody does now not essentially have the approach to take care of a brand new month-to-month subscription. Happily, it is usually imaginable to make use of your mobile phone as a 3G modem and there are so many tools that provide this type of functionality. 

ClockworkMod Tether is just one of them and even if it works on mobile Android , it has two major advantages: one, it is totally free, and two, it is not necessary to its smartphone rooter to enjoy it.


But before you start, note that ClockworkMod Tether is still in alpha. The tool is therefore likely to crash.However, in view of its usefulness, it is likely that this does not prevent you from throwing you over and you will also completely right, especially since it is available on the three major platforms in the market, namely Windows , Mac OS and Linux
 . Anyway, if you want to get started and to this solution in place at home, just follow these steps:

  • Install ClockworkMod Tether by getting the correct file.
  • Turn on "debug" your mobile.
  • Connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable.
  • Start ClockworkMod Tether.
  • Click the "Start".
  • Wait until the program installs the appropriate tool on your mobile.
  • Surf!

The value of the tool, apart from its free is that it is able to "fool" the operator and is thus completely undetectable. Logically, you do not have to subscribe to an additional option on your plan to enjoy it.However, it is best to be very careful and I suggest you test the tool for a few minutes and wait for your next bill to ensure that everything goes well. The off-tethering package, it can be really, really badly so be careful.

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