iphone-ios-70Pfeiffer Consulting analysts compared the iOS 7 with other popular mobile platforms in the market. The study involved iOS 6 operating system , iOS 7 , Windows Phone 8 , BlackBerry and Android 10 from the shell Samsung. Their choice, they explained to the high popularity of devices range Galaxy.

As they say in Pfeiffer Consulting, currently competition between manufacturers of mobile devices is a question of the software interface . Hardware capabilities of gadgets are at the same level, so much more important than ease of use of smartphones and tablets.


On set of criteria leading customer satisfaction rating has iOS 7. She earned 73.25 points in second place with a score of 70 points is iOS 6. Third place was taken by Android- firmware Samsung – 57,25 points.

The experts compared the operating system on four criteria . First – intuitive : just how to master the management operating system. The second criterion – Efficiency: how well the important services are integrated into the OS. The third criterion – the ability to customize “for themselves .” The fourth criterion – a problem in the user experience : here came all that may annoy the user when working with a smartphone , such as dialog boxes and obsessive constantly tooltips and notifications.



In Pfeiffer Consulting referred to that Android used to be ready to bypass iOS just one parameter – the flexibility to alter the seem to be of the interface. The closing position on this indicator in Home windows Cellphone eight , which obtained best 2 out of 10 that you can think of factors .

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