Users Report Google Pixel 2 XL Bad Audio Recording Quality


pixel 2 xl

This time and after several problems reported by users who already have in their hands the new Google Pixel 2 XL model , among which we highlight as more serious the burned screens, now new problems arise in the smartphone of the firm.

Earlier, the phone had issues in the portrait mode and failures in audio recording. In this case it is said that these problems reported by the owners of this device can be solved in a simple way by means of a software update, not as in the case of the burned screen which is rather hardware.

To get to the case of the problems we will start with the failure in portrait mode. In this case several users of the Google Pixel 2 XL have realized that when taking several pictures in a row “burst” with the portrait mode activated the result of the photos with the background out of focus does not exist or does not apply in them. This is a major problem if you do not look at the moment after the photo is taken since you lose that precise moment.

On the problem of audio it seems that the detected fault this time refers to a recording tone too high that distorts what the Pixel records. A smartphone that has a starting price of 900 dollars can not afford to have as many failures as this second version of Google Pixel is suffering and not because it is something that can not be solved a posteriori, but because it creates distrust among users.

In short we are facing a smartphone that does nothing but add problems and seeing the arrival of the new models of Apple to the market and taking into account that the first version of the device did not finish reaching all countries preventing potential buyers from becoming An idea of ​​how this Google Pixel is, suggests that this new model of Google Pixel 2 will not get to the sales figures that Google itself expected.

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