The creation of 4G networks was a revolution for speed voice and data. Previously unthinkable allowed to perform actions and their implementation quickly spread. However the world of technology and never finding the next generation is already in motion. Verizon has already begun testing and expects to launch the 5G network in 2017 .

So the company has announced this morning. Roger Gurnani, executive vice president and CIO of Verizon said that “The 5G is not a dream of the distant future” and that “We feel a great need to move towards 5G … to lead to a new generation of innovation.” Also partly because it could be said to be a reality, because the first tests have already been carried out.

To perform, Verizon 5G has been found that up to 40 times faster than 4G. According to these data, the company says the 5G technology will have 50 times the capacity of 4G and can “handle lots of Internet-connected devices.” Definitely something that will allow users to do things they can now be unthinkable.

Streaming video “8K” in 3-D, or download a movie in 3-D in just six seconds are mere examples. However we must not forget that still try to estimated figures, so that speed may vary. It also depends on the quality of infrastructure, the signal strength or even the architecture of the buildings.

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