Fran Shammo, CFO of Verizon, and believes he hears the know : there is only one iPhone model 5, for both the GSM and CDMA network. Currently, Apple offers the United States two phones quite different , both materially and in terms of software (the iPhone CDMA remains confined at present to iOS 4.2).


This isn’t the primary time Fran Shammo offers this data. If it seems he's proper, two outputs are superb to claim the least. Apple most often requires operators providing the iPhone's personal tradition of secrecy and one would assume that Cupertino would have reminded her accomplice so as first. If Apple does now not are seeking for to silence Fran Shammo, two hypotheses will also be envisaged: both the ideas is totally false and Apple does no longer care that it’s circulated, or the ideas is correct and Apple will not be towards his on hand to the general public …

Fran Shammo didn’t be aware of, for cons, if Apple would transfer to LTE, authentic 4G and he clearly cares so much: " I believe it's a much bigger downside for Apple than for us . The framework of Verizon additionally demonstrated the abandonment of limitless knowledge programs on the way to quickly make historical past in america. 


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