Verizon Anticipating the iPhone 5 this Fall


Verizon was in the news earlier today, because several iPhone accessories have marked down in April, giving the impression arose that the operator wants to reduce inventory as possible, to get ready for the next generation iPhone. But if the CEO Lowell McAdam of Verizon is it takes a while before the new iPhone. During an interview on CNBC McAdam said today that revenue growth in the quarter was disappointing, because the next iPhone has not yet been released. 

Lowell McAdam is currently COO of Verizon, but will soon replace the current CEO Ivan Seidenberg.

In a meeting with analysts McAdam said:

We probably walk a quarter behind where we talked about in January, largely because we 5 iPhone sometime in the summer expect. We do not know when the next convenience. You'd have to ask Apple, but we expect probably in the autumn. I think you will see a big jump at that point when we landed.


With this 'leap' mean McAdam probably not a huge leap in functionality, but a growth in sales of his company. In the U.S., the operators in the Netherlands as moving away from unlimited data plans. Verizon does not mention the use of VoIP and instant messaging as a major problem, but streaming video.

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