Validated with the aid of more than a few rumors regarding the unlock date of the brand new iPhone 5 with enviable regularity. But one thing when these acknowledgments come from unnamed sources among Chinese component suppliers – if the information gives the head of one of the largest partners of Apple among mobile operators.

Iphone-5 (1)

Fran Shammi, Verizon Chief Financial Officer while corporate conference hinted at the timing of launching the next version of the smartphone from Apple. According to him, that someone has lovingly remembered during a conference call the company, the new iPhone may appear in the fourth quarter, wich is during October, November or December.

Verizon enters the game dates and words, adding more excitement to the waiting. Do not despair: no doubt Apple is working 24 hours a day to put together the next generation iPhone. 

In fact, nothing particularly new in this information is not available, many experts have long called the relased date of the new iPhone 5 will be in October or November. But in this case the information itself and its source are  important.[via]


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