Verizon had the White iPhone four within the Gadget Stock


After months of wait, the white iPhone four nonetheless to come back. Prior this week Apple established that the white iPhone nonetheless available on the market this spring, in line with the Wall Boulevard Journal. And monetary media workforce Bloomberg reported that the white iPhone 4 before the end of the month by the U.S. operator AT & T and Verizon in the market will be put. 


Tonight there was another clue: the white iphone 4 appeared on Verizon  in the inventory systems. On the screenshot is a white 32 GB iPhone 4 to see, with model number MC679LL / A.That number is one digit higher than the current black iPhone 4 with model number MC678.


It is true with the white and black iPad 2, successive model numbers. Expectations are that Verizon and a 16 GB white iPhone April 32 in the range recording. This standard model is not suitable for use in Europe since Verizon a different network technology (CDMA instead of GSM) is used.

Now the question turns is about the iPhone 5: Coming in 2012? On 7 April, we reported that one of our sources has announced that the White iPhone 4 would see the day by summer 2011. But for the iPhone 5, it should not expect to be released by 2012.  

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