The phrasing, possession and branding of the web site make numerous fascinating factors. As John Gruber over at Daring Fireball factors out, it is a Verizon website online – Motorola doesn't make a single look. The competitors arrange right here isn't Verizon vs. AT&T or Motorola vs. Apple, it's Verizon vs. Apple. As Rene Ritchie of the iPhone Weblog says, Verizon needs to make it clear they’ve no intention of being a "dumb pipe" each time quickly.

More than a few Internet sites are nitpicking Verizon's claims, however probably the most fascinating phrase right here is "open building." Whereas Verizon is referring immediately to Android's App Market, "open construction" is a Verizon buzzword for a brand new challenge of theirs that approves principally-non-cellphone units thru fast method. Verizon offers up some keep an eye on of open-construction units' branding, too. The irony right here,
in fact, is that the Droid wasn't authorized the use of the Verizon Open Building Initiative. If the rest, it appears to be the other: the final word Verizon-specced, Verizon-branded software.

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