Persistent Dev Workforce is sparing no effort and is at present engaged on the model GreenPois0n RC6 to be able to Jailbreak Apple TV 4.2.1 with the IOS.CDMA Verizon iPhone 4 version of Apple’s smartphone jailbreakable on iOS 4.2.6 using existing software? Well, it appears it is!

greenpoison verizon

 Pod2G tweeted  asking users with the new hardware whether the popular jailbreak app did indeed work. Also tweeted about MuscleNerd member of the iPhone DevTeam, asking him to use the flaw the redsn0w PwnageTool, since this fault will be online source for free in a week. After a couple of replies fromwilling testers, it looks like we’re in business, thanks to GreenPois0n RC5, and presumably RC6.

Greenpoison verizon

Of course, this is at the moment is unconfirmed but I don’t see any reason for the Twitter users to lie about GreenPois0n’s ability to jailbreak an iPhone on Verizon.

greenpoison verizon

With so many new iPhone users coming to the platform, its good to know that they’ll not have to wait before they can sample the world of iOS jailbreaking and the Cydia Store.

Be careful though, if we rely on rumors on the web suggesting the possible upgrade of the iOS 4.3 What's next, I remind you that by this update you can jailbreak your device, or certainly wait a few weeks after the update to see the emergence of a tool jailbreak. 

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