Verizon has launched Go90, an entertainment application with exclusive content and intends to compete with other services like Netflix or Amazon settled Prime. However, Go90 is a tool that is more focused on young audiences and not only for its content but also for its social tools. Go90 allows us to cut, share and discuss our favorite clips. All this from our smartphone.

Go90 is an application with great potential. It moves smoothly and has easy navigation, allowing us to find content according to our tastes in seconds. The app is divided by gender, but we can also find our favorite artists quickly. Go90 content will be key to its success.

To that end, Verizon has partnered with several stars and YouTubers with millions of followers on social networks. Undoubtedly, these YouTubers and exclusive content developed for Go90 get mass appeal. Besides contents of “classic” programming also we find parties and live concerts. All completely free of charge, from any carrier, any platform (either iOS or Android).


“Programmers and brilliant engineers fabulous content partners have invested an incredible amount of hours to create an unparalleled video experience for the millennial generation and the generation Z,” explains Brian Angiolet, architect go90. “Go90 bridges the gap between traditional and digital distributors, and between established and new artists and creators.”

At launch, Go90 has more than 8000 titles. A new way to watch TV. The app is available in the US App Store.

Download go90 for free on both iTunes and Google Play

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