Verizon Launches New Unlimited Data Plan, What You Need To Know



Verizon is now offering its unlimited 4G data plan. Here is the new Verizon offer, for $80 per month, you get to navigate through the smartphone without any kind of limitation.

The only limitation regards tethering hotspot, which provides for a maximum of 10GB in 4G and unlimited 3G …

T his sea change comes after the company tried to push a 5GB monthly promotion data for $55 per month over the last couple of weeks, arguing that most people do not really need to “unlimited” plans. Sprint advantage promotional blunder, offering their unlimited plan for $50 per month for a limited period of time. Now it seems that Verizon is once again offering its unlimited plan, even though they cost a bit ‘more than Sprint’s promotion. In addition to $80 per month for a line, customers with four lines on their behalf may also get unlimited data for $45 per line.

Verizon claims its unlimited plan will include support for HD video streaming. It comes with an unlimited number of mobile hotspot data, but only the first 10 GB per month come to 4G LTE speeds; after that, they are cut to 3G. The plan will also include unlimited calls and texts for the US, Mexico and Canada, and 500MB of a 4G LTE roaming day in Mexico and Canada.

There are a couple of caveats. One is that the $ 80 per month price if you sign up for the bill on paper and AutoPay. The other is that if you go over 22GB of data in a month, Verizon says “can be prioritized for use behind other customers in the event of network congestion.” The company said that unlimited customers add a “connected smart watch or another device connected for only $5 per month.”

Verizon is not the fact of abandoning its plans; stated that “even 5 GB, S, M, L Verizon plans that are perfect” for people who do not want to spend much more money.



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