Shall we take it to the foutage of mouth, however you at all times know the way the web distorts the whole lot … So no, Verizon does no longer promote the iPhone 4GS 5 or nothing in any respect, simplest the advent of the iPhone four residence inflicting all of the commotion. Whereas on the cellphone is appropriate with the CDMA community, totally different community than AT&T.


But maybe the news is really good for the operator, the Wall Street Journal published an article that states that the iPhone will sell 4 almost as well in 2011, Verizon (between 9 and 12 million apparatus according to them) in 2010 at AT&T (about 14 million units sold).

As with most  network providers, AT&T customers are given the option between two data plans: 200mb or 2GB.

New buyers of the Apple Inc. phone on AT&T’s  network have to choose between one of two data plans, each of which caps the amount that can be used. AT&T did away with its unlimited plan for new subscribers last summer, hoping to gain a measure of control over heavy users and to put itself in a better position to turn rising data use into revenue growth.

To compete with AT&T, Verizon is reportedly making an attempt to attract AT&T users to their network with unlimited data plan.

Verizon feels the large investments it has made in its wireless networks over the past few years and investments planned for this year have given it the ability to handle iPhone-type loads.

AT&T has acknowledged it was caught by surprise by iPhone users’ heavy data consumption. The demand weighed on AT&T’s network and caused problems like dropped calls, hurting the carrier’s reputation.

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