viber out

The VoIP service accessible from a smartphone or tablet launches its new service that allows you to call any number worldwide. Viber is now positioned as a serious competitor to Skype. VoIP service accessible from a smartphone or tablet has just launched on Tuesday its new offering ” Viber Out” that allows its 200 million subscribers to call any number around the world through the purchase credits. Out Viber credit can be accumulated by purchasing integrated (” in-app purchase “) on Google Play or Apple App or using a credit card .


According to the company , the price of its call credits are lower than other competing services “because of the lower rates minute and no connection fee .”

” Out Viber offers our million subscribers a new way to use Viber and allows them to call anyone , anytime ,” said Talmon Marco , CEO of Viber . “We continue to improve Viber Out in ensuring that our customers stay connected to the lowest reasonable rates. “

Note that when using this service, your real phone number will be displayed on the terminal screen of the recipient. In addition, the PC and Mac version of Viber Out contains the address of your phone book , it is not necessary to remember all the numbers or dial manually .

To use this new service, it is necessary to have the latest update of Viber application and can be found here

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