Video: A Duet song with Siri …!


When you bought an iPhone 4S , then you must be pretty happy to discuss with your mobile and perhaps even Siri became your best friend. Must also be said that geeks and social relations, it is not too much. But now, it is also possible that shame you and smothers you even a little hard to talk to your iPhone in public. If so, then it is certain that the clip that follows will allow you to treat you. For indeed, a certain Jonathan Mann had the strange idea of composinga
song … a duet with Siri


And we do agree, we must be damned for having helmed such an idea. There are ten or twenty years, Jonathan would probably past to an enlightened but, fortunately for him, we are in 2011.And now, after years and years to fight the oppressor, the Geeks have finally managed to take over the world. Also note that my right hand rests against my heart even though I am writing these few lines. I know, I know it's not common for a right-handed to get to write with his left hand and it was necessary that I take this opportunity to showcase my incredible talent (how you think I can write as much articles every day, eh?) . In short, in any case, this video makes me laugh.  



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