iphonexjailbreakRoughly a week old, a South Korea hacker Liang Chen of KeenLab  already managed to decipher, demoing a functional jailbreak of the latest Apple smartphone. The iPhone X jailbreak is running on the new Apple’s iOS 11.1.1 firmware shown at the POC2017 event in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

The jailbreak has not yet been released publicly, and may never do so, but it is definitely a promising news for anyone who considers themselves part of Apple’s jailbreak community. Although that community is not as alive as before, the possibility that jailbreakdevices can use features like Face ID and the various gestures available on the iPhone X makes it an exciting piece of hardware for potential hackers.

Some years ago, jailbreaking an iPhone was a way to access the bowels of iOS, particularly in the days before the launch of the App Store. Nowadays, a combination of the increase in Apple’s security measures and the increased risk of security vulnerabilities has made it something testimonial.

However, it is a community with which Apple has had a love-hate relationship for years. In the game of cat and mouse, Apple interacts with these hackers, Apple has even led to publicly recognize the members of the jailbreak community when it has repaired vulnerabilities in the different versions of iOS.

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