Components Provide Firm ETrade has printed a video exhibiting a comparability the entrance panels of the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5. As previously suggested that new panel has a taller screen and the FaceTime camera moves to the center, just above the microphone.

In almost 7 minutes you get to see that the new component is indeed longer, approximately 0.1 mm thinner. The screen is also more scratch resistant than that of its predecessor. The hole for the ho
me button is 0.3 mm smaller in diameter than the iPhone 4S. The space between the bottom of the screen and the bottom of the panel is 2.6 mm shorter, so that the Apple will be able to make the device taller without the absurd length. ETrade Supply fills the story with pictures, which you can examine differences further.


The video of ETrade shows the front glass of the new iPhone 5: squire employs seven minutes of his author with a leaked component of new iPhone. To capture the most important thing: The new iPhone, with which one can expect in September, has a larger screen, a much smaller black area around the home button and an offset camera. The individual measured values ​​also differ significantly from the values ​​of some of the older generation. It is also gratifying that the new glass seems to be further amplified because of the scratches direct comparison shows big differences.

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