Video: iPhone 4S vs Canon EOS 5D Mark II


The Canon 5D Mark II is a reference within the box of reflex, after all, but additionally within the DSLR. In order that some ingenious individuals even use it to make brief movies and even motion pictures. Or simply, you have no idea why however Robino Films had the idea to compare it with … the iPhone 4S . At first glance, one might think that the duel is a bit unbalanced but you will see from the video that follows the new mobile cabbage doing pretty



So good, it is likely that you already know this video as it turns last night on Twitter. Finally, I will not tell you my life (just follow me on Twitter) , but let’s just say I did not expect this video blogging until a gentle reader, Mayeut of her first name, send me a nice mail to tell me.

So what is more interesting with this video is that its author has taken the concept far enough by putting side by side with the sequences stored in both devices. Sequences shot in 1080p , of course, with a neat little 50mm f/1.4 for the 5D. For this comparison is also speaking as possible, the settings of the latter were obviously customized so that they are close to the maximum of those of the iPhone 4S. And even though the 5D Mark II is doing better than the frankly mobile cabbage (the colors are more natural and it is obviously in low light that reveals the expertise Canon) , must admit that the results are fairly close to each other.

So of course, the iPhone 4S can not be compared to an SLR. Just with their many optical, they prevail hands down. That being said, the motive of Cupertino is a good alternative to a digital camera or even a bridge. Finally as long as you are content with automatic settings, obviously … Because if you’re the type to mess with the settings in your camera, it is clear that the smartphone will soon seem like cabbage limited.

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