Given the advances of know-how, cell producers someday would certainly have the ability to play with this telephone monitors. How will the iPhone 5 speculated for years, the network appeared in photographs that show the different concepts of designers around the world, but nobody really knows how it will look like this phone when Apple finally play it. 

17-year old Dakota, Adney from Tulsa, Oklahoma had recently introduced to the world his vision of a new iPhone 5 with a transparent screen and virtual keyboard, which can be displayed on the outer surfaces. 

Apple will not introduce such an iPhone, the video is a 17-year-old douševio many, given the advances of technology, mobile manufacturers in the future would indeed be able to play with this phone screens.

The video was made as to what Apple's commercials showing the use of applications like Twitter, Syria and Instagrama in such a transparent screen, and the phone is incredibly slim.

For those who are not enthusiastic about the small keyboard phone, AL found the solution in the external virtual keyboard, which the iPhone is projected on the outer surfaces and having dimensions of classical keyboard for computers.

In the description below a video of some, 'it's says that iPhone is' amazing' – powered by quad-A5 processor, a Retina iClear screen and runs on iOS 6


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