The iPhone is 6s, the new Apple smartphone that integrates several breakthrough technologies that will not leave anyone indifferent. No aesthetic changes, but internally we find some surprises that make it become one of the best smartphones on the market (or even can even say that is the best on the market). We analyze in depth the iPhone 6s.

Same design
The iPhone 6s has a metallic finish space, silver, gray, gold, first, pink. One of the weaknesses of the iPhone in June was the weakness of the screen, which is bordered with ease. Apple forward in his keynote “Hey Siri” earlier this month, which equips the iPhone 6s tougher market display, which will be tested during the next few days. This screen integrates a new technology, dubbed 3D Touch, and it is the integration of this technology that has led Apple to sacrifice some design aspects of the device.

The new iPhone 6s is slightly heavier and thicker (nearly impossible to see at a glance). We went from the iPhone 7.1 mm 7.3 mm 6 to this new terminal. But where’s the change you notice is the weight of the phone: the iPhone 6 weighs 142 grams, while the iPhone 6s reaches 192 grams. Is this bad? Yes and no: Apple can no longer claim to make one of the lightest smartphones on the market, but the truth is that it is appreciated that the phone despite a little more in our hands, because it will be easier to handle and will not give us the impression they will fall. IPhone 6 slides with ease.

The rest remains: same external appearance and same screen size. The iPhone 6s comes with a 4.7 inch screen, while the iPhone 6s Plus remains in the 5.5 inches.

In this section, we can not fail to mention two curious aspects. The first is that aluminum is covering the phone, this time, more resistant to avoid the famous “bendgate“: the new iPhone will not bend in our pockets. And the second is that in the rear, for the first time will find a “s” recorded in the terminal, allowing us to distinguish the original iPhone in June.

3dtouch3D Touch: A Revolutionary Technology
Huawei took the lead a few days Apple and introduced a new high-end smartphone, the Mate S, which had a screen capable of detecting the user exerts pressure on it. This may have disappointed some, but the fact is that the Chinese competitor did not know how to take advantage of this technology and Apple, once again surprised with a perfect balance between hardware and software.

This technology, inspired by the Apple Watch ForceTouch, is able to detect the pressure applied on the screen to show navigation options unique new iOS 9 and iPhone 6s. It may at first not be able to take full advantage of this technology, because at the moment only is integrated into the native Apple applications, but in the coming hours we will see how developers begin to release updates for their apps to take advantage of “Hidden Menus” on icons.

3D Touch allows us, for example, pressing a little harder on the camera icon to quickly open the front camera and give us a selfie. Within the native Mail app we will be able to preview e-mails on a small screen and avoid mark as read. The same applies to text messages, you can preview without the contact has written us know that what we read (in case we have selected the option to send read receipt).

We are convinced that in future software updates Apple added new utilities to 3D Touch, a technology that until now we did not know we needed, but after a few hours of driving with your new iPhone 6s will make you wonder how you lived without it until now.

cameraCamera: Welcome Be the 4K and Live Photos
For the first time, Apple integrates a camera capable of recording video at a resolution four times that of 1080 pixels HD: 4K. The disadvantage is that the clips we record with the new 12-megapixel rear camera occupy much space in our iPhones. The option of recording video in 4K quality is disabled by default and is a tool that we recommend for advanced users, who have the necessary editing in this format and contents play tools. Of course, the video 4K can be easily accommodated on iPhones 6s with capacity of 64 GB and 128GB, but shoot video 4K iPhone 6s 16GB is somewhat absurd (unless you do not mind exporting video often).

Yes, it is true that the 4K may sound to “waste” for many, but there are already television screens featuring this format and at an affordable price, as is the case with the company Vizio. YouTube also allows playback of recorded video in 2K and 4K, something that can benefit your next-generation iMac. If you want to capture spectacular scenery in our hands we will have one of the best cameras on the market (if you know how to make performance).

If you want to start experimenting with this format, we recommend downloading the free app iMovie (Apple), which allows you to edit several tracks recorded in 4K from your iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and from the iPad Pro (which goes on sale in November, but you can not capture video directly 4K).

As for the quality of the photos, we have to anticipate that the naked eye is difficult to see change, but the iPhone’s camera is capable of displaying 6s details. The quality also improved slightly in photographs taken in low-light environments. The biggest change we appreciated in the front chamber, amounting to 5 megapixels and use the phone’s screen and flash for night selfies.

Live-PhotosLive Photos

One of our favorite tools is Live Photos, which allows us to capture moving images and use them as wallpaper on our devices. It is a tool that we recommend use often: there is a new icon on the camera screen that will allow us to activate and deactivate when needed. Live Photos used to collect unique moments and striking landscapes, but not all the time, and it will occupy more space on the phone and we know that’s a major concern for users.

touch-idA processor that does not disappoint
Finally 2GB of RAM found in our iPhones. Finally! Surely more than one user has noticed how your iPhone 6 slowed after installing iOS 9. Fortunately, the iPhone is free 6s lag problems. The system moves smoothly, apps load quickly, open tabs in Safari cooling less automatically, Siri responds quickly (even respond to our voice commands without having to touch the phone or having it charged) and all without prejudice the autonomy of the device, which remains in the 10 hours of normal use (the more time we can extend it to low-power mode that we find from iOS 9).

A9 processor power also will notice when recording video in 4K, because it surprised us with image stabilization. The fingerprint sensor of the home button, Touch ID, works faster, which becomes somewhat amazing, considering how well it works the first generation of the detector.

iphone back 6s

Crucial question every year: 6s recommend buying the iPhone? In any case, the answer is yes and for two reasons mainly: Touchy 3D camera. The iPhone does not disappoint 6s and technologies facilitate our day to day (while he will entertaining).

It is increasingly easy to upgrade phone, or at least in the United States, where both operators such as Apple, offer programs for customers to change their smartphone every year.

For now, it is available in a first wave of countries, among which are the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia. These prices iPhone iPhone6s Plus 6s and the United States:

iPhone 6s 16GB- $649
iPhone 6s 64GB- $749
iPhone 6s 128GB- $849
iPhone 6s Plus 16GB- $749
iPhone 6s Plus 64GB- $849
iPhone 6s Plus 128GB- $949

The iPhone 6s is a revolutionary phone, which will not disappoint any user.

Note: The iPhone 6s review for this video has been released by AT & T.

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