Video of Apple TV Jailbreak Using SHAtter !


If you have already got an Apple TV, then watch the video below,  otherwise, if you plan to purchase one, get a device runinng on iOS 4.1 and make sure it is  the same processor A4, MuscleNerd has made SHAtter jailbreak using the recently discovered exploit.


MuscleNerd reported that the jailbreak is working, but still not sure you can install applications on the 8GB internal memory of the device. We were also assured that it is possible to connect to iTunes to restore IPSW created with the PwnageTool

The date of publication of the jailbreak tool is unknown, as for the iPhone 4/ iPod Touch 4G. However, when all the devices vulnerable to Shatter, it is possible to launch a universal tool for all devices.

The video above is posted by MuscleNerd, showing how access to root through ssh on the Apple TV.


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