Marketplace Chief Rob Schmitz found his way into Foxconn facility in Longhua . He was the second reporter to have access to a Foxconn factory, in recent days, he has published a series of reports and images recorded directly from the place where our lives take iPhone and iPad. Following are his words:


The first incorrect news that is continuously spread throughout the world is the conception we have of Foxconn, it is technically defined as a factory, but the reality is different from a simple plant. After entering the gates and started walking through the vast areas, soon you realize that actually it is a real city with over 240,000 employees, of whom 50,000 live within the same directly.

Among the buildings you can find fast-food restaurants, banks, cafes, a shop for wedding photo and a fully automated library. Besides these are building a place to play basketball, tennis courts, a gym, two pools and a huge stadium to play football, always on campus.

To complete the work, the "factory" there is a radio station (Voice of Foxconn), a TV station and a fire station.

This is the "factory" Foxconn that we would have imagined? Here below is the video showing the assembly of the iPad, but also the various buildings on campus [read more]



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