After several photos of the possible back of the new iPhone have surfaced, has Etrade Supply shared a video on YouTube which shows the back is. The back of the video has much in common with the previously emerged part photos: here we see a longer design, including a 4-inch screen would fit. The metal back has at the top and bottom, a black stripe.


  • And existing iPhone 4/4S, the next generation iPhone will have the same width, but slightly higher than the diagonal length of 4 inches;
  • The upcoming release of the iPhone will be thinner, but the exact size is unknown;
  • Leaked part is not the battery door, nor is it in the cover, but a single overall parts! iPhone 5 back panel is an aluminum alloy consisting of whole, will also be the upcoming release of the iPhone will be designed to usher in change;
  • The headphone jack is moved from the upper edge of the lower edge;
  • Apple Dock Connector port has been redesigned to become smaller;
  • The SIM card slot to become smaller and therefore may enable a new standard of nano-SIM card design;
  • The speaker component has been enhanced. If you carefully watch the video, you will find that the lower edge of the more extra space may be in order to improve the quality of the speakers;

Etrade Supply notes that both the sides and back consist of the same part. When the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S is the antenna band is not attached to the back, but they are two separate parts. The SIM card holder is slightly smaller, something that may indicate the use of a nano-sim.It dives more images of the same back. We know only certain that the next iPhone looks like when Apple announces it. This can be done on 11 June during WWDC happen, but chances are the next iPhone that Apple unveiled until around October, as was the case with the iPhone 4S.[CydiaBlog]


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