Video of Windows 8 on a touch pad


Can we nonetheless have Windows 8 ? Not necessarily because you're all Geeks and Geeks already know all of the next operating system of Microsoft . An operating system that will move around and as well as on our old bikes on our beautiful digital slate. And indeed, what you'll discover a little lower, it's just a video of Windows 8 on a touch pad by a certain David Washington. All with large pieces of portrait and landscape mode in, necessarily.


Indeed, this point is highlighted in the video. So far we have seen Windows 8 running on a computer or a tablet / netbook, but this time Microsoft has focused exclusively on a touch pad. As we can see, the interface Metro really fits to all terminals and it's still hard work.Interestingly, when switching from landscape to portrait mode, Windows automatically adjusts the 8 available tiles to cover the story over an area as possible. But that's not all.

No, what this video, we can see is that Microsoft has also made ​​an important care to the virtual keyboard. It's also fun to see that the firm was quite inspired by iOS 5At the 52nd second, and you can see a virtual keyboard in two parts to allow us to enter text only with our thumbs. The other pretty cool stuff, too, is that enough to make a small slide from right to left to appear a bar options specific to the application launched. It is even possible to display a sidebar for quick access to certain functions. By the contrary, it can also switch quickly from one application to another.

And as always with videos dedicated to Windows 8 , we appreciate the fluidity and responsiveness of the whole.


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