With each generation of iPhone, Apple works harder to improve the strength and durability of its products, the iPhone is even more 6s Apple’s intention at the time to strengthen these devices. Apple has introduced a new type of aluminum (aluminum 7000) into the metal housing of iPhone tripling its resistance to being bent, with the screen it is the same, the new iPhone has the strongest ever seen on an iPhone screen is not rumored sapphire crystal but given the good results of the drop test we settle.

Remember that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus  enduring just 10 seconds underwater before shutting down completely, something that gave us very little room for removal of reaction water time in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus buttons Apple included a plastic guards to keep the water at bay (with very little effectiveness), but the new iPhone surprise in this respect, for some way Apple has managed to make the new iPhone will be able to take it anymore 1 hour underwater and still function perfectly, a record for a smartphone which, remember, is not waterproof and does not have any IPX certification.

Given the high fluid resistance of the new iPhone went through my head the potential use of processing electronic devices offered by HZO company that allows electronic devices completely waterproof and protected for over 20 years without any Chemical application by the user, is a processing they perform on electronic components before assembling the device.

But after watching the video below it’s clear that this is not so:

As we can see, after several submerged, the third new iPhone not spend half an hour without water get penetrate the terminal screen and begin its destructive tour inside, leaving them virtually unusable, the question arises ? Just the screen has been affected?

After watching and after an hour or even in the first tests of the second video device or unharmed after they go off by water are still showing signs of life, it is inevitable that the only component that has been affected is screen, this could be solved by replacing or drying as this to see if it works.

We however will not dip our new iPhone, so all we need to know that now we have more than 10 seconds to remove the iPhone from water knowing that is still working, a detail that is appreciated after releasing the tremendous amount worth on one of these devices.

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