Video Shows iPhone 7 Case With No Headphone Jack



A few months ago, the alleged leaks relating to the next iPhone 7 was published by dropper, but we have had a couple of weeks almost every day, if not all, seeing alleged images of what the iPhone 7 being published. This time we we show a video of how would the iPhone 7, we can see how this future model of Apple, it would headphone jack.

This video has been published by the German website TechTastic, where we can also see how the bands of the antennas have been relocated and are no longer crossing the back of the device. Another thing that attract attention is the protrusion of the camera that sometimes was reported.

This protrusion could give indicate that the camera will receive a significant improvement in quality, although the company based in Cupertino tends not to renew the camera every year, so it is very unlikely that the next iPhone 7 can receive improvements this regard. In this video we can also see how Apple has included a new space to add another speaker on the device, something we have already discussed above although other rumors say otherwise.

The disappearance of the jack connection is very likely not liked by many users, especially those who have spent time money on good headphones. If finally the rumors are true, many will be users who will be forced to upgrade their equipment, either through an adapter jack to lightning or spend a lot of money on new models, models with free lightning that are already available from time to market.

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