Video shows off claimed iPhone SE/7 cases



This time, there is component of the next iPhone size floating on the web, a video posted on YouTube showing an alleged case that device. Unbox Therapy,  became famous for being the one who started the .Bendgate, but not dedicated just to try to double mobile phones. Last year managed to grab a casing of the iPhone 6s and confirmed that it was thicker and also lighter than the iPhone 6.

Before showing the supposed iPhone 7 case,  the iPhone 5s that might have the same design as the upcoming apple smartphone. The video shows the cover for the new 4-inch iPhone almost worth for iPhone 5s, confirming rumors that claimed so. If you are watching the video and you are looking for the hole for the sleep button, you have to keep in mind that it is a silicone case and, in most cases, is not necessary.

The alleged iPhone 7 cover shows several interesting changes:

  • The iPhone 6s fits perfectly.
  • The bottom is symmetrical, which could confirm that you have two speakers and no 3.5mm headphone port (the latter seems to be confirmed at the end of the video).
  • By putting the iPhone 6s inside, we see that the camera is not good, which at least means that there is a change in the camera, either because it is larger or because looks better aesthetically. If we consider that the bands of the antennas will be attached to the upper and lower edge, we can not rule out the second possibility.
  • The hole for the Lightning is something bigger. Why? It is not known. You may have to do with the Smart Connector or any other accessory, as it could be a new dock or adapter for headphones.


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