Videos Shows Apple TV 4 Streaming Games From PC



The fourth-generation Apple TV is a major update. With the integration of the new Siri Remote control and its own App Store. Its operating system is now called TVOS, a system in which developers have a leading role, as demonstrated by installing emulators like MAME Provenance or the new Apple TV. The latest feat by a developer has made Kevin Smith (the same that led to ATV4 MAME emulator ) and allow streaming games from a PC to the Apple TV 4.

It seems that Smith prefers to work on existing projects to create their own applications for the new device. It is also something to be grateful, because otherwise we could not use the MAME emulator on Apple TV 4, for example. What he has done is now exporting iOS Moonlight project, a project that initially was based on NVIDIA GameStream. The result is you have in the following videos.

Given what we see in the video, it appears that Smith has registered another exporting both projects to the new Apple TV. The good thing about this project is that the games are not running directly on the Apple TV, if not on a computer via Steam using a modified version of Moonlight for iOS.

It is clear that one of the positive points of the new Apple TV is its compatibility with games, something that was not available in previous models because they were much more limited. It is not the first time I say it, but I think traditional consoles have to go to a better life and become set-top boxes as the new Apple TV, with an attractive operating system .

On the other hand, it’s easier with Microsoft, since you can create a set-top box in which music, television, movies and everything is offered in its application store, including some of its Windows operating system and games Xbox.  It’s only a matter of time and if Sony is not careful it could become the BlackBerry set-top boxes.

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