Vine App Released For The Apple Watch



With Apple watchOS allowing two applications to play video a small screen, an update of the Vine app for iPhone that allows to see short popular videos has been made available on the Apple watch. With Vine for Apple Watch, you can access featured videos as well as those published by favorite artists.
From the Apple Watch, you can also give a “like” or dislike any video. Besides all this, Vine has added a complication to the clock that will allow us to check out the number of global views of all our Vines.

One aspect that I have drawn attention to test the application is curiously quality speaker Apple Watch. When playing some Vines in Apple Watch caught my attention and certainly feels pretty good for its small size.


For some the question might be: Does it really make sense to play video on the Apple Watch ?…. maybe in this case since it is small, videos last only 6 seconds, which is enough so you can glance and sometime can be helpful, but the truth is I do not see myself watching videos, even Vines on the Apple Watch.

This case seems quite similar to Instagram, does anyone actually use the Instagram app to see photos on the Apple Watch small screen?.

Sometimes I think some developers get sidetracked in actual use to be given to Apple Watch. We must not forget that Apple Watch is NOT an iPhone, nor intended. The actual use of Apple Watch is offering instant information, so that anything that requires our attention more than 5 or 6 seconds should not use it. On those occasions that use the iPhone insurance is a better idea.

Download Vine for iOS with the Apple Watch

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