Virus Xsser mRAT on Jailbroken iOS devices steals data



One of the main reasons why people prefer Mac computers and smartphones have a much smaller number of viruses and malicious programs that can cause real damage to the system and user data.

Secrecy and inaccessibility iOS discussed a thousand times. Her abused and at the same time called the main advantage of the smartphone, but the user has almost always been the “forbidden fruit” that provides access to thousands of free applications and system – Jailbreak. Alas, any installation Jailbreak accompanied by the phrase, which few people pay attention, “all that you do – you do at your own risk.”

Experts from security software company Lacoon published a report which says the discovery of the virus Trojan can live together in the operating system iOS. Compromised were a number of iPhone with established Jailbreak. Smartphones, on the dock which shines icon Cydia, in complete safety.

virus-iphoneThe virus spreads through Xsser mRAT social networks and various messengers and instantly infects iPhone, iPad or iPod, with installed Jailbreak. Peak “popularity” of the virus registered in China.

“Infected virus Xsser mRAT smartphone completely loses any anonymity. Any correspondence, messages, mail, data containing geo-position user logins and passwords – all of this is transmitted to the remote server of the authors of the virus “


Effect of the virus goes about in such a scenario:

  •  Installing .deb package from Cydia (the only step, initiated by the user);
  • Preparation and change access rights virus and immediate start;
  •  Copy and load your own libraries.
  •  Copying user libraries.
  •  Sending the data to the remote server.

If you still want to stay true to Jailbreak, be especially careful when opening suspicious links; install applications only from trusted repositories and simply – be careful. For iOS users 8 and not “jailbroken” devices “Chinese Trojan horse” Xsser mRAT not a threat.

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