VLC App For Apple TV 4 Released Support Any Video File Format


Apple-TV-device-browseOne of the best players for iOS is VLC,  now also available for the fourth-generation Apple TV. At the time of writing it is not available under search, otherwise you have to download it from applications bought if we had downloaded from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. As the developers say, TVOS version is a slightly modified version of IOS version, so it is possible that also includes its worst fault, a painful lack of support for AC3 codec.

A lack of able to add movies via iTunes, to add movies in the fourth generation Apple TV have to do it one way that developers have been included to meet the requirements of tvOS App Store. In the United States I saw that you can connect to cloud services, but that option I do not have available.

Little by little they are coming to App Store applications that make tvOS small set-top box device that waited. The problem with VLC for iOS and its variants do not include support for a codec is widely used as AC3 (tbc), but we’ve got another quality player so we have options to choose from. Supported media file types can be found here

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