Apple TV 4 VLC

Apple TV 4 VLC

VLC is one of the most famous players in the open source world. In fact, I do not shake hands to write that not only the best known, but also the best. Not only it allows us to play a huge number of video formats, but also allows us to play streaming content and the hand of someone with a little morning is a media center an undeniable quality. Following the presentation of the new Apple TV they have opened many questions, and not only that, have opened many possibilities, and VLC would not be less ..

VLC has been coming and going from the App Store for various reasons, among which are the disagreements of one of its most important with the philosophy of Apple and software developers. However, this kind of childish things end up paying the end-user, but you do not want to play videos on your DVD confidence, confidence in your device.

The VLC development team has announced that give the starting signal to the VLC project for the new Apple TV, have decided to publish this news through its weekly report on his blog, with a brief “Oh, and one more thing … We started working on VLC for TVOS. ” Few details have been offered, in fact none, but users of VLC and Apple TV enthusiasts will undoubtedly sketched a smile when reading this information. Therefore, we must keep an eye on updates VLC and see how they come to Apple TV.

plexamazonfiretv-800x450It will be interesting if they decide to create a multiplatform system that allows us to interact with different devices through VLC, for example, a dual screen display content simultaneously on our TV and our iPhone, but maybe that’s asking the impossible.(Source: VLC)

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