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The virtualization in mobile coming our way, and could allow customers to buy cheaper smartphones, download a wider variety of applications or have the same phone for business and personal use, as indicated VMware executives.As it does on computers and servers, mobile virtualization will enable running different operating systems in isolated environments, maintaining both user options such as security, as executives said during a meeting in the conference in San Francisco Mobilize. Thus, the mobile virtualization could open a new world of possibilities: Install applications on Android in iOS and vice versa, allowing you many more apps in a single device, but not only that, imagine that also other operating systems such as Windows 7 mobile.

"Each icon may, regardless of the cover you have, run a program on a completely different operating system or a virtual machine," said Srinivas Krishnamurti, director of mobile solutions at VMware. "From the point of view of the customer, no mat
ter operating system, just want to get the application, install and run ".
"This capability could be a great boon to many employees at many companies today, which carry two devices", stated Krishnamurti. With virtualization on the smartphone processor performance, you could use apps dedicated to business and save information from them on the iPhone or Android to bring from home, he said. He also said that VMware is already contacting the heads of information of major companies to make this possible.
Krishnamurti mobile adevertido that virtualization is not ready for the explosion of popularity that began a couple of years with the technology for PCs and servers from VMware, "Our belief is that we have not found entirely persuasive use with clear gains investment, "he commented. "Rather, the device manufacturers should adapt to this concept. "It will take a while for people Movilisto environment suits this concept before it is released."
Despite all this,
Steve Subar, CEO and president of Open Kernel Labs, who sat next to Krishnamurti said that virtualization is already widely used in mobile phones.

OK Labs has been working in mobile virtualization since its founding in 2006, but the field has evolved, said Subar. began virtulaizando the mobile baseband processor, which handles the media, and in the last two years has evolved into running applications. Therefore, it is not the first time you do, because this company has used these systems in the EVO 4G HTC and other devices, as indicated by Subar.
In fact, OK Labs plans to launch this month a coalition called SecureIT Mobile, which use virtualization to isolate pass certain calls, text messaging and applications on smartphones, and are also getting in touch with device manufacturers to integrate your factory system . This system is designed for companies with important information, especially bodies of state and government security agencies.

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