VoiceUtils and Siri Mic Colors: first tweaks exclusively for the iPhone 4S


In the event you simply jailbreak your iPhone 4S, you'll have the ability to add performance to the wizard voice Siri.  Due to tweak VoiceUtils  it is possible for you to to show off your iPhone ("Energy Off"), restart the springboard ("Restart Springboard"), reboot ("Reboot") or change to secure mode ("Secure Mode") most effective with the voice.

 Within the register of customization tweak the Siri Mic Colours  can alternate the colour of microphone Siri. It’s activated from the settings in Winterboard.



VoiceUtils is available under the BigBoss source, and  Siri Mic Colors free in the source http://repo.technetec.com.  This is a Mobile Substrate tweak. No settings are available, and no icon is added to the home screen. Simply install, respring, and use. 


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHCzr73Uvv0] 

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