Volkswagen Releases Apple Watch App


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Apple Watch is slowly revealing a device with endless possibilities to make the most for the use of services that require particular attention and speed. Checking the status of a vehicle could be something that, if done in real time, can help in many situations. Volkswagen has just announced the arrival of its app for Apple Watch!

In recent days, we have reported the upcoming launch of the app for Apple Watch that allow you to control your own Tesla Model S. arrives today also officially announced the future availability of the app designed by Volkswagen that will allow you to control some of Apple Watch interesting functions and the status of your car.

Volkswagen assembles, on board some vehicles in its range, the Car-Net system that allows you to check, even remotely, the status of your car: through this system the user is able to control the temperature of the vehicle, change it by pressing the air conditioner, can verify the closure of the doors, the fuel level and can obtain the coordinates of the vehicle. Soon all this will be accessible directly through its Apple Watch.

Enabling Car-Net control through Apple Watch, Volkswagen will also introduce the ability to set a speed limit within which, if exceeded, the user will be notified through their device. The user can also set the territorial limits in which it will be possible to use the car and, also in this case, you will receive a notification if these limits are exceeded. These new features will be very useful to all those parents who want to effectively monitor compliance with the rules on the part of their children, maybe newly licensed. Volkswagen has not yet announced the date of the availability of this new application.

Download Volkswagen Car-Net for iPhone on the App Store

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