Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel announced for release next year


While capacitive touch screens have obvious advantages over their resistive predecessors, more advanced touchscreens are also being produced and finding their way into mainstream tablets. These touchscreens are outfitted with digitisers, allowing for more precise stylus input as well as the normal capacitive touch option. They’ve shown up in Samsung’s Note series of tablets and phones and the Microsoft Surface Pro, offering an excellent input option for drawing or writing more accurately.

This week, Wacom has announced a new stylus that offers a high-end alternative to the fairly mediocre styli that are included in these phones and tablets’ retail boxes. It’s called the Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel, in reference to the Wacom ‘Feel IT’ technology that lies at the heart of these digitisers.

There are two different models available according to the press release, each implementing ‘Electro-Magnetic Resonance’ technology inside a stylus that looks much more like a good old fashioned pen. Prices are fairly high – $40 for the plastic variant in white or black and $80 for the carbon fibre variant – but the price includes some replacement nibs that should mean the package will last a decent amount of time, as was the case with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 stylus.

Total, the pens seem to be in point of fact good and smartly developed – in particular the carbon fibre one! – so I will be able to indubitably some patrons selecting to select one up if they are planning on doing skilled drawings or take notes. The styli shall be to be had from January seventh.

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