Following the contemporary rumors of Bloomberg announcing the advent of a smaller model of the iPad, the Wall Street Journal confirms on Wednesday, the information of his colleague and says that the production of this new tablet will begin as early as September, for marketing in October.


Remember this morning, we took turns at the information that Bloomberg says he learned from good sources that Apple is to develop "a smaller version" of its iPad in order to counter the tablet easier to Google Nexus 7 Asus and adding that "the commercialization of this new tablet should begin in October."

This late Wednesday afternoon, the Wall Street Journal - known to be close to Apple – shall provide a layer of information confirming. "According to sources familiar, we learned that Apple preparing to launch production of a new iPad with a screen smaller than 8 " ", he says adding that" production is expected to start in September for an expected market in October. "

Unlike Bloomberg , the Wall Street Journal , however, claims the screen of the new iPad will be produced by LG Display and AU Optronics and not by Sharp. "AU Optronics and LG Display have been chosen to supply the small screens of unit. " says.

Recall that according to Bloomberg , the new iPad would have a screen size of 7.85 "but would prove far less potent than its big brother. Still according to the same source, this future model does not have a screen-type Retina, would have a less powerful processor and would not be compatible with U.S. networks 4G. The goal is for Apple to release a product much more accessible than the iPad we know.An approach would therefore be able to compete with products more easily aroused. There is talk of a price range between $250 and $ 299.


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