This week, a  man bought an Apple iPad from his native Walmart in Atlanta,  simplest revealed that it used to be a dummy iPad as soon as house. The field was once very unique, however the content material a lot inexpensive than the iDevice. The person very stunned and admittedly pissed off visited once more at Walmart for money back. Sure however now, the grocery store has denied any involvement on this unlucky incident and slightly depart the apple peeler, accusing Apple of being in the back of the frustration …



"Apple Is The One Who handle operation with store demo units and actual devices. "

The apple would be solely responsible, since only the Cupertino company is authorized to provide copies of IPAD demonstration in plastic.

According to 9to5Mac, “The man has requested a refund from Walmart for the fake, but Walmart is refusing and is sort of blaming Apple about the issue. The local news speculates that somebody purchased an iPad, swapped it with the fake, and returned it. Walmart is blaming Apple since Apple apparently handles the exchanges for the popular reseller’s Apple product sales. The man claims he will be filing a lawsuit against Walmart if the situation does not get properly resolved.”

Some believe it is not impossible that a buyer Walmart has used his time to bring a fake withdrawal iPad, replacing the original by a vulgar copy inside the box. The question is: what noodle seller would be enough to not tell the difference between a plastic model and a real aluminum, upon return? Unless this is the work of a salesman …

Anyway, Walmart refuses to issue a refund. 



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